The OC&E trail features over 100 miles of trails used by over 130,000 people every year.

Major trailheads are located at

Crosby Street
Highway 39,
Reeder Road
Horse Glades

The trailheads are identified by an OC&E State Trail railway sign. There are also 13 interpretive signs highlighting historic interest points along the trail for visitors.

The trail provides connections to eight communities, five schools, and numerous suburban areas from Klamath Falls. Along each section, the trail passes through a number of historic sites recalling its old railroad years, including the historic 1898 steel bridge spanning the A Canal. From Olene, an unpaved section of the trail passes ranch lands, rivers, and forests.

The restored caboose at the beginning fo the trail was the last used to run the rails to Klamath Falls. It now sits as a monument to the influence the OC&E railway had in the county.

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