The Oregon California & Eastern Woods Line State Trail

When it came time to decide what to do with the old rail line, local citizens knew what an asset the OC&E Woods Line rail corridor would be to the community. The Klamath Rails to Trails Group (KRTG) formed to pursue the development of the OC&E Woods Line as a rails-to-trails. They worked with the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Oregon State Parks to plan and develop the trail.

As of 2008, the OC&E Woods Line State Trail is paved from the Klamath Falls Trailhead to the community of Olene. This makes a total of 8 miles of paved trail surface where visitors can walk, bike, jog, skate, ski, and ride horseback. Beyond Olene, the trail surface has been graded and compacted, making a good surface for walking and jogging. Additionally, the gentle grade (2%) makes the OC&E trail a destination location for avid bikers.

Join the Group

2018 brings us, the Klamath Rails to Trails Group, to some hard realities…we need help, we need folks with a fresh, enthusiastic vision…we need you!

The Role of KRTG

            KRTG is what is known in the State Parks system as a “Adoptive Trails Group,” which means we are an action/project work group. We work with State Parks to promote and improve the OC&E Trail. For example, the existence of our group, with our tax-exempt status, allowed us to be the applicants for projects like the snowplow restoration grant. We also serve as the citizen advocates for the trail. We bring citizen concerns and suggestions to the Parks staff and facilitate implementation of improvements. We were the group that negotiated the transfer of the OC&E right-of-way management from Weyerhaeuser Corporation to the Oregon State Parks in 1991, thereby creating Oregon’s longest linear park—roughly 100 miles long.

If you appreciate the Trail, the outdoors and helping to build and maintain a wonderful community asset that is used by so many, please consider becoming a member…download the application below, fill it out and send back to the address provided below.

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Klamath Rails to Trails Group
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